Perfect PDF Premium

Perfect PDF Premium 8

Powerful PDF editor compatible with Microsoft Office


  • Nicely designed interface
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office, Windows File Explorer and Internet Explorer
  • Many handy tools for document handling, editing and formatting


  • New documents are opened in new windows - not tabs


PDF is often related to read-only documents, but the truth is that you can also create and edit PDF files if you have the right tool, like Perfect PDF Premium.

With Perfect PDF Premium you can create PDF documents from scratch or edit existent PDF documents in a breeze. The program includes an Office-like interface – with the Ribbon menu and all – that makes it really easy to use, that is, if you're already familiar with the latest Microsoft Office suite.

Perfect PDF Premium features different top panels on the interface, each of which includes a bunch of handy tools categorized by their functionality: editing, formatting, document managing, and more. Plus the program is seamlessly embedded with Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Windows File Explorer.

The only drawback I could find to Perfect PDF Premium is that you can't open multiple documents at the same time. Well, in fact you can, but they open in different windows, instead of the more common – and more comfortable – tabs.

If you're looking for a serious, flexible and powerful PDF editor, Perfect PDF Premium is worth taking a look at.

The complete PDF solution for creation, editing and display of PDF files - including a powerful editor & a forms creator

Perfect PDF 8 Premium enables users to comfortably create, quickly convert, extensively edit, and to professionally comment PDF, PDF/A and XPS files. Moreover, the program may be used to add digital signatures to these files in a legally reliable way, to encrypt them and to send them by e-mail. Besides, the content of pairs of PDF files can be compared, the program includes a powerful image editor and several pages can be combined in larger formats. Finally yet importantly, PDF forms can be created, filled in and saved.

The program can also create PDF directly in Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird, in Microsoft Office and in via plugins into these applications.

Perfect PDF Premium


Perfect PDF Premium 8

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